We are familiar with the Sheltie breeds, as we have raised them for years now and we have made time to properly educate ourselves on the breed  to be of help to you as a prospective buyer. All our lovely Sheltie puppies are raised here in our home around kids and other household pets. We own a small Kennel here where we live and our Puppies are all raised right here together with us as one big loving family. Our pets are like our children , and we are always with our pets and take them with us wherever we go.
They enjoy meeting our guests quite often, and those who are pet lovers really have loved our boys and girls. We constantly show our love for our boys and girls throughout the day, and we very much appreciate their intelligence and personalities.They have all had their first and second set of shots implying that they are all vet checked and up to date on all shots and vaccines and are now ready and fit to move into new homes with their new owners, 10 weeks is just a perfect age for rehoming. We breed more family oriented pets than actually show dogs.
We do not breed to make money rather to reunite families and make them experience the love of having a pet at home. We are hobby breeders so we do not depend on breeding as a business. We only do it for the sake of experience and for the love of the breed . Our commitment here is to provide to you the most beautiful Sheltie Puppies.
If you have been in search of a Sheltie puppy, then look no more, Your journey ends here. We make sure that they are given proper food nutrition, treatment and care. But if you are a broker or pet store owner or unethical breeder, you are in the wrong place. We only sell to loving homes looking to add a family member to their home. We define our puppies based on the quality as you can see at first sight.
Sheltie enough the importance of purchasing a Maltipoo puppy that has been raised by an experienced breeder and in a clean, disease-free, and nurturing environment. Thanks for visiting us. Please use the ” Contact Us ” button to contact us. Include in your message the name and sex of the puppy you are interested in taking home.


Q. Are Shetland sheepdogs good family dogs?

A. Well-trained and socialized Shelties often do well with children. The breed is known for being patient and gentle with kids, though dogs should always be supervised around young children. 


Q. Are Shetland sheepdogs aggressive?

A. Shelties sometimes are reserved around strangers and might bark at them. However, the breed generally is not aggressive as long as the dog has proper training and socialization. 

Q. Are Shetland sheepdogs good apartment dogs?

A. Shelties generally can adapt to a variety of lifestyles, including apartment and city living. However, it’s essential that they get enough daily exercise and mental stimulation. Also, their vocal nature might bother nearby neighbors.